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Tim Carter
Ball State University
Dept of Biology

Dept of Biology


Welcome to the Ball State University Deer Study Page


Our Goals:

Many people in Indiana know that Bloomington offers a unique setting, with the amenities that accompany a city, while located next to vast amounts of scenic woods.  This makes Bloomington an attractive place to live, not only for people, but for deer.  For that reason, Bloomington presents the perfect opportunity to fill a desperate need for information about how reproduction, population fluctuations, and movement differ between the deer in the urban areas compared to rural areas. 

What We Do:

We are working in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to study the deer in the greater Bloomington area.

As scientists our goal is not to guide management decisions, but rather provide the information needed by the community. We hope that the Bloomington Community along with IN DNR can then use the information we gather to make informed decisions about deer management in your community.


How You Can Help:

We are asking the citizens of Bloomington to help with our research.  This primarily comes in the form of access to deer on private property.  If you are willing to consider allowing our researcher to work on your land please contact us so we can meet with you to provide more information and discuss our research objectives and methods.


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Questions or Concerns:

If you have questions or concerns please visit our FAQ page for answers to some commonly asked questions.