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Tim Carter
Ball State University
Dept of Biology

Dept of Biology

2013 Summary


Our 2013 field season was a huge success thanks to the citizens of Bloomington and the surrounding area. We placed 47 collars on fawns in Morgan, Monroe, and Brown Counties, and 29 were within Bloomington city limits. The first fawn was collared on May 22nd and the last on June 13th. Of the 47 fawns collared, 26 were female and 21 were male. We are continually tracking the fawns and plan to do so through the end of 2013. As of September 6th, we have retrieved 16 collars from 11 cases of mortality, 2 slipped collars, and 3 from unknown causes. Seven mortalities have been documented within Bloomington; 5 due to vehicle collisions and 2 by domestic dog. Of the 4 mortalities in rural areas, 3 were attributed to coyote predation and 1 case of abandonment. Most of our fawns are staying close to their birth site, and many residents are continually informing us with sightings. We are grateful for the overwhelming interest and cooperation from the residents of Bloomington and its surrounding area. We look forward to continuing our tracking this fall as well as starting a new field season in April 2014. We hope that the Bloomington community will continue to support the project and help make next summer a similar success.

As a reminder we will be collaring 50 new fawns next summer.  Residents are asked to call the Fawn Hotline or send emails when they encounter a young fawn. 

Thank you again for all the support!

older fawn